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 Café and catering

 The airport café can be reached by phone on: 0520-52 49 50

Airport facilities

Runway 15-33: The airport may receive aircraft with the highest reference code 3 C.

Airport management can allow limited traffic with aircraft with higher bank code requirements.

Runway length 1,710 m, landing runway 33, however, 1,500 m due to moving threshold.

The width of the track is 30 m and the strike width 140 m.

Airport lanes are approved with instrument lanes with the following radio navigation equipment in accordance with procedures published in NOTAM:

Lane 15: Non-precision approach with NDB and RNP.

Route 33: Precision approach path with ILS, NDB and RNP.

Airport lighting system runway 15: High-intensity approach light, simple, length 420 m. High-intensity runway lights and PAPI.

Lane 33: High-intensity approach light type Calvert, length 900 m. High-intensity track light and PAPI.

The load bearing capacity of the tracks and the station plate is limited to PCN 18. Departures may be allowed. The air traffic management service is run as an air traffic control service. The airport has some restrictions for environmental reasons.

Business hours

Reservation for time changes Opening hours, local time: AD H24, TWR, REFF AND FUEL
(In connection with holidays / weekends there are reduced opening hours)

Air traffic controller's regular opening hours:

Monday: 06:45 - 18:30

Tuesday: 06:45 - 18:30

Wednesday: 06:45-18:30

Thursday: 06:45- 19:30

Friday: 08:00 - 17:45

Saturday: Closed

Sunday: 12:30-13:30 14:30-18:30

Other Services

Extra opening can be offered on request, cost according to special price list.

The airport has rescue services during opening hours in category B4.

The airport provides JET A1 and 91 UL via Air BP. Accepted payment methods are Air BP Sterlingcard or VISA / Mastercard.

For refueling via Resellers contact Air BP OOH for a fuel release on the phone: +971504536032 or email:

Fyrstads Flygplats AB provides ramp service as well as road and freight forwarding service.

Our passenger compartments and our equipment are designed for volumes up to about 100 passengers and most turboprop aircraft, but we can also handle other aircraft types upon request.

At the airport there are two major hangars, for more info contact the airport’s CEO.

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